Patchouli tries

As the tradition demands (!) I went into the Old Town again to purchase some more oils.
I had asked the reseller to get Patchouli and Vetiver, but only got the Patchouli since Vetiver for some reason hadnt arrived.

As before I also went to the Sci-Fi bookstore and had a double expresso at the nearby cafe...
I assume that I am a cretaure of habit...or perhaps badly addicted to caffeine...

I actually dont have much time on my hands now for blending.
I work as a technical account manager and I have this glorious lifestyle, which manifest as I have to go up 04.00 tomorrow morning  to fly to Finland for a day full of seminars..

.Wednesday I have to go up 05.00 to go to Åland (which is an island in the Baltic Sea) to meet customers and within a week I will be going to the US for a period of 2 weeks.

I dont know if this happens to you as well, but often when I fly, the air - which is circulated for the duration of the flight - is so dry that my nose just clogs up for a day or two after I land so I have to limit my blending between flights now...

Anyway, here is my latest bledning may notice that this time I dont blend the basenotes first, then the heart and last the top-note, but everything at once...

Everything is measured in drops below, but when I get back from the US, I will purchase some measuring thingys I have seen (dont know what they are called...) so I can do "ml" instead of drops.

I have this nagging feeling that 1 drop of Benzoine maybe isnt exactly like 1 drop of Sandalwood etc., but when i can measure it to "ml" I will have it more exactly....

18 patchouli
15 Bergamot (bergapten free)
10 Benzoin
8 Sandalwood
2 Lavandin
2 Ylang-Ylang
1 Jasmine

As I wanted to try this at once - even though a mix should mature I was kinda curious - I took 8 drops of the blend above with 12 drops of Jojoba oil = 40% dillution and put it on my wrist...and I am happy with the scent...

When I am writing this I am waiting for the drydown to see how it turns out as well...stay tuned...


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