Time flies

What can I say?
I havent been able to write for a while now as it has been quite turbulent in my life.

I was in the US (as you can see from my other postings) and as soon as I got home we started to move house:

We are finally installed at the new place, which feels good (we went from 98 m2 to 134 m2)
One of the better part of moving house btw is that my nose feels better. I think there must have been something in the air or air circulation at the old place that fucked up my nose.

Moving together with a quite turbulent time at the office (where upper management was replaced) and me travelling like crazy doing presentations all over Scandinavia made this blog and my perfume blending not my highest priorities.

Things are calming down now - thank God - so I will probably start updating this blog and blending mixes again.

So now you know that I am still alive and will be back quite soon with more mixes and stuff.

Until then....

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I congratulate with housewarming. Good luck in new place

2011-12-03 @ 09:18:33
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