Run like hell

I finally found my text-notes for my infamous mix...

Maybe I should call it "Dennis Anthony: Run like hell" or something...

Btw, this is the last time I will refer to my mixes in "drops", since different oils have way different dropsizes so this is not particular exact.

I will be out travelling this week - to the town Utrecht in Holland of all places! - but after that I will order some measuring cups to be able to make it all more exact.

I will order a batch of new test-tubes too, since it was way to much work cleaning them out properly...and the oil isnt that good to the drain either...

Having said that here is "Run like hell" (as inferred by the name, you should probably not test this mix out)

Everything is in drops for now:

15 Benzoine
15 Bergapten-free Bergamott
15 Sandalwood
6 Patchouli
3 Jasmin
3 Ylang-Ylang
3 Cedar (3 drops of Cedar ruined the whole mix! Damn you Cedar, damn you!)
3 Olibanum

I would guess (and I will try that later) that if you take away the Cedar, the mix will be quite good...

I have come to the conclusion that I really like Benzoine and Sandalwood...maybe I should do this supermix with these as the only notes?

Person 1: "What was that?? I smelled Vanilla and Sandalwood? And ONLY Vanilla and Sandalwood? WTH??"
Person 2: "Dont mind that, it´s only Dennis testing his supermix"

Well, there went the top-heart-base notes idea right out the window, didnt it?

The fun part with this is that I dont pretend to be a professional nose (these guys probably havent trained Martial Arts and screwed up their nose anyway and I probably have a greater hairstyle too!) and I dont really care about how traditional scents should be composed (not everytime anyway!), so if I do a mix that I like and it is not top-heart.base, well, screw that!

That´s all for now.
If more comes to my mind, I´ll call you at home.

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I love your blog. Thanks for writing

2011-12-03 @ 09:20:06

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