OSS - basenote mix 1 and 2

I have made some preliminary testing and creation of a basenote.

As you know a perfume consists of 3 different notes, a basenote, a middle-note (sometimes called a heartnote) and a topnote.

The topnotes have the lightest molecular weight and thus leaves the scent faster than the middle note, that in turn leaves faster than the basenote.

This means that a perfume that you can buy in a store - which has alcohol as the carrier - will "show off " the topnotes when you try the scent out at the store. After a while another feature in the scent will emerge, which is the middle and basenotes.

After some hours you can usually only smell the basenotes, which lingers the longest, due to it heavy moelcular weight.

Why is molecular weight even important?
Well, the scent you smell is actually tiny bits (in reality molecules) of the perfume. So in order to smell the scents you actually get molcules into your nose and to your olfactory organ. The lighter the molecule, eg. in top-notes, the faster you get the moelcules up your nose...which makes the top-notes the scents you smell at first.

Actually Wikipedia explains this way better than me so check it out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfume

OSS basenote 1 & 2:

I have played around with two mixes, wheras the first mix was too influenced by Sandalwood.
The "relative strength" - which is a measure of the strength of an oil relative to other oils - of Sandalwood seems to be quite high. Although not a very-much smelling oil, it lingers and "outlives" other components in the perfume.

So in this first mix, the Sandalwood scent was after a while all that I could smell:

6 drops of Sandalwood
4 drops of Benzoine
2 drops of Olibanum

so I discarded this mix and did this instead.

6 drops of Benzoine
4 drops of Sandalwood
2 drops of Olibanum
2 drops of Cedarwood

which was much better.
The Cedarwood and Olibanum gave this note a burnt scent, while the Benzoine and Sandalwood gave it a very mellow woody/vanilla scent.

I will keep the latter mix as a first try for a base-note and will now get working on a heart-note and top-note.

When both these notes are ready, I will mix and match to see how much of respective note I will blend together to get a good scent.

As you may know, using undiluted essential oils on you skin can be bad for you, so in my tries I have diluted this in Jojoba oil as a carrier.

If you use essential oils for aromatherapy, ie. massaging this in larger areas on the body, the dilution percentage should not exceed 5%, ie. in 100 drops of oil, 95 drops should be the carrier oil and 5 drops the essesntial oil mix.

However, in perfumery I found that 5% is way too little so I have done tests on 20% and 25% dilution, where the 25% was best.

I used myself as a guinea pig and applied the diluted mix on the inside of my wrists to see how long it would stay and that I didnt react badly to it.

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