My nose vs. Martial Arts - I am so screwed

For a perfumer your nose is your most valuable tool.

Hmmm, I am soo screwed then!

Let me tell you why:

When I was a little bit younger I trained a lot of Martial arts.

I started out quite young in my pre-teens and trained 4 years of Judo.
In my teens I started out Kyokushinkai Karate but had to stop after approx. 2 years since I hurt a rib and couldnt train for quite some time.

When I was 20 or so I took up Martial Arts again, this time Shotokan Karate which I trained for 6 years and came up the second blue belt which would be 4th Kyu if I remember correctly. During the last years with Karate I competed a couple of time just for the fun of it and came 2nd place as my best.

During this time I went to university to pursue a Master of Science and to get by, I worked as a bouncer at clubs.
To the dismay of my nose I started training Kickboxing during this time since this was good to know when you were working the doors.

When fighting in Kickboxing my nose got quite a lot of beating and it was only later on that i discovered that the partition inside the nose (whatever that is in English) was damaged by this.
After a couple of years of Kickboxing I also started to train Krav Maga for a brief time.

All this fighting made a lasting impression, in the way I couldnt breathe from one of my nostrils. During a period of a couple of years I did 2 minor surgeries to see if it was possible to fix the damage and it actually got better for a brief period.

When the breathing problem came back I decided to do some major surgery on my nose to try to restore it one time for all and went under the knife.

Unfortunately for me the operation succeeeded, but I got an infection a week later that almost killed me off and I wound up at the ER, where they pumped me full of antibiotics in IV and heavy-duty  painkillers.
I can tell you that the techno-songs I had with me on my MP3-player at the hospital never has sounded so good as when I was high on the painkillers! Go figure...

Almost 6 months now after that latest surgery I can breathe very good certain days, and other days I have to revert to unblocking nosesprays for my left nostril.

Since one of my hobbies is perfumery this sounds like a no-win situation when i write this down, but even those days when I have trouble breathing through one nostril I still have a quite decent ability to pick up scents with my other nostril, so I get by.

It´s a little bit underdog situation here, but I will turn this around to something good.
If I can do this with the limitations that martial arts imposed on me, then probably you can do it too....

If life gives you a lemon...kick some ass...


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