Let´s get started!

Someone told me that in order to be interesting for people a blogger should update his/her blogg a couple of times a day. Yeah, I really can see that happen...

Tell you what, as soon as I update I call you at home.

Better yet, check back regularely instead so my phonebill doesnt rack up.

That said, let´s get down to business...

This blogg is going to mainly focus on my feeble tries on making my own perfumes.

I will not hold anything back so you will be able to follow both my successes and failures.

Why? Easy, if I do the mistakes and tell you about it, then you dont have to do them yourself.

I also will introduce a term that is often used in the IT-industry, namely Open Source (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source) but applied to perfumery instead.

For a lack of a better name I will call this Open Source Scents (OSS). With OSS I will - as far as I can - publish the recepies of the scents I make so you can duplicate them if you wish.

If you decide to try this yourself, be advised that is is at your own peril:
Undiluted essential oils are not toys and can do quite a lot of harm to you if swallowed or if you it get into your eyes etc.

DIluted essential oils can - depending on the dilution percentage - also be quite harmful.

If you decide to try out yourself it is your own responsibility to treat your oils etc. with sufficient care and keep them away from children.

Consider yourself  officially warned.

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So Can we waite update every day?) Good luck

2011-12-03 @ 08:57:21
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