Guess who´s back!

You can relax,  I haven´t been in prison for the last year...

I know that I have been really bad updating this blog, but for some reason life came between me and my bloging...

I have moved house, but you already knew that.
Didn´t I call you up telling you this like almost a year ago?
I am quite sure that I did.

Lately I have been busy building some stonewalls outside and also laying down tiles (or whatever you call that) for my very cool car (hmmmmm).

Both the tiles and the parts of the stonewall are heavy and bruises the arms a lot, so my arms look like I have been in a fight, with a quite nasty scar too.

Of course I tell people that I got that 4 cm scar on my left underarm, when I saved an old lady from being mugged.

"...You mean this scar? Well, you should have seen the other guy!..."

In reality I got it helping my neighbour taking some trees down, but that sounds almost lame compared to the old lady and the mugger story so I´m sticking with that.

I haven´t had to go to the gym for some weeks, since this is quite heavy work.
It is funny, I come home as a whitecollar worker, goes in, change the clothes and then I am bluecollar for the rest of the evening.

"But the perfumes Dennis, the perfumes!"

Yeah, I know that I haven´t been that active, but I am working on it.
I need to replace some of the lighter topnote oils, e.g. the Bergamot, since it has probably oxidized by know and is not that healthy anymore anyway, but the oils aren´t that expensive so it is quite easily done.

I gave up the idea to clean out the test-tubes too and will scrap them all and buy new ones instead.

So far so good...

Btw, do you use Spotify?

If not, you really should check this one streaming of music and you can find almost anything there.

I have actually used it to listen to album before i buy them.

This is some of the albums I have been listening to lately:

Fat Joe: The Elephant in the Room

Sheek Louch: Silverback Gorilla

Flo Rida: R.O.O.T.S.

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