At Sunnyvale Grand Hotel listening to 2Pac

So here I am sitting, in a rainy Sunnyvale (whoever moron came up with that name to begin with?) at my hotelroom at the Grand Hotel listening to Itunes and a "new" CD in with 2Pac (All Eyes on Me) I bought at the Virgin Store in SFO. The guy was shot some 10 years ago, but the record-companies still releases remixes and what-not with the guy. But he knew how to make songs 2Pac, he really did.

Soon I will join my friends going out to a Chinese restaurant, but for know I update my blog.

Ok, so I have tested my sampler I brought with me and sure enough the drydown is kinda cool, but for Gods sake Dennis! why did you add Cedar to it?? Why? Why? WHY??

As you can probably infer the Cedar did ruin the scent a little, at least until the Benzoine, Sandalwood and Patchouli take over. So Cedar gotta go in the next batch.

Otherwise Dennis? Everything ok?

Sure, I have been to SFO for a week, living at the Fairmont up at Nob Hill.

Man, what steep streets they are.
Going up to the hotel is like exercising and leaves you completely hot and uncomfortable.

But I dont complain, no way sir.
Well, I actually do right here, but pay no attention to it....

I went to the Apple Store since I found out that my Ipod nano 8 Gb that I bought in Sweden has a freaking volume cap on it, limiting the volume. And why is this, pray?

Well, some stupid French law stipulates this and so Apple send in these crippled Ipods into the whole EU.

Damn you French lawmakers!
I am Swedish and I wish to screw  up my hearing by playing 2Pac on my Ipod really, really loud, ok?

Of course there are utilities out there that can lift this volume cap, but they dont work on the newest Ipod I was basically screwed..

Enter the the Apple Store in SFO....

They helped me for free to re-flash my Ipod with a US firmware.
Good-bye Volume Capper!
Good-bye stupid French laws.
Thank you Apple Store in SFO and the great guys and girls working there.
You have a supporter in me now....this I wont forget.

Ah, and so it ends for this time...the time is soon 18.00 (or 6 PM for you Military Time challanged) and I will soon leave for dinner.

Until next time, Homies, words up!

(For the love of God Dennis!, cut the gangsta-rap bullshit right hear me??)

At the lounge...

Im going to the US for a couple of weeks and naturally wont be able to blend stuff during this time...

I did however blend a mix last night after packing all my stuff that was a major improvement on the mix below, that - between you and me - was a *liitle* heavy on the Patchouli side...

Unfortunately I didnt bring the recipe with me as I update my blogg from the lounge at the airport so you have to wait until I come home to find it out....but I did mix it with carrier-oil to 44% to bring with me as a beta-test. I will update you with how it turns out later....

I know, I know, you should let the mix blend for a while, but I didnt have the time for that this time...I woke up at 05.00 AM in the morning to get to the airport early to be the first in line to check-in so I could upgrade my Economy ticket to Business Class and use the lounge while waiting (writing this btw...) and not feel like Quasimodo after a 9 hour flight. Now I hopefully can get some decent sleep on the flight over.

I have decided that I really need small tube-like thingies that is graded in "ml", since counting drops isnt the best way to do this...great, another insight from me, so you dont do the same mistake! ....dropsize varies somewhat depending on the EO used (but you already knew that) so I will get this gear as soon as I come home again.

Until we talk again, take care guys...

Patchouli tries

As the tradition demands (!) I went into the Old Town again to purchase some more oils.
I had asked the reseller to get Patchouli and Vetiver, but only got the Patchouli since Vetiver for some reason hadnt arrived.

As before I also went to the Sci-Fi bookstore and had a double expresso at the nearby cafe...
I assume that I am a cretaure of habit...or perhaps badly addicted to caffeine...

I actually dont have much time on my hands now for blending.
I work as a technical account manager and I have this glorious lifestyle, which manifest as I have to go up 04.00 tomorrow morning  to fly to Finland for a day full of seminars..

.Wednesday I have to go up 05.00 to go to Åland (which is an island in the Baltic Sea) to meet customers and within a week I will be going to the US for a period of 2 weeks.

I dont know if this happens to you as well, but often when I fly, the air - which is circulated for the duration of the flight - is so dry that my nose just clogs up for a day or two after I land so I have to limit my blending between flights now...

Anyway, here is my latest bledning may notice that this time I dont blend the basenotes first, then the heart and last the top-note, but everything at once...

Everything is measured in drops below, but when I get back from the US, I will purchase some measuring thingys I have seen (dont know what they are called...) so I can do "ml" instead of drops.

I have this nagging feeling that 1 drop of Benzoine maybe isnt exactly like 1 drop of Sandalwood etc., but when i can measure it to "ml" I will have it more exactly....

18 patchouli
15 Bergamot (bergapten free)
10 Benzoin
8 Sandalwood
2 Lavandin
2 Ylang-Ylang
1 Jasmine

As I wanted to try this at once - even though a mix should mature I was kinda curious - I took 8 drops of the blend above with 12 drops of Jojoba oil = 40% dillution and put it on my wrist...and I am happy with the scent...

When I am writing this I am waiting for the drydown to see how it turns out as well...stay tuned...

One day after...

The new mix have now been mixing and maturing approx 18 hours and I just opened the testtube to smell it.

Actually it smells really good.
Yeah, I am as surprised as you are... *LoL*

But frankly, I will dillute it at 25 or 30% in Jojoba and test it on myself later this week.
I will let the mix mature one more day I think.

One thing that annoys me is that in Sweden it is right now snowy (started snowing in Stockholm last night) and cold outside, which makes the air inside the houses very dry due to heating.

This dryness wreak havoc on my nose, so right now my scent isnt top-performing, if it ever was...

I also need to name my scents I think.
It can be quite confusing with all this T1, H1, B2 acronyms, but maybe I should stick to this anyway so it is easier to write down the blends and also mix them all again?

Yeah, I think I stick with the T#, H# and B# for Top-, Heart- respective Basenote for now and let the # stand for the mixnumber.

This way it is easier for you to try the blends yourself as well.

From the Top of my Heart

First of all a Happy New year to you all! I havent had the time to update my blog, nor blending notes during the Christmas holiday.

I dont know about you guys, but my Christmas Holiday is a lot of driving around...
We usually celebrate Christmas on 24th of December with my family and my mother and grandmother. The day after we celebrate with my mother-in-law and finally on the 26th of December my grandmother has her birthday.

To top it off I also got some sort of flu, which very effectively stopped me from blending since I couldnt smell a thing for a while...

But the man is back!

Last week I went into the Old Town of Stockholm (which was build in the 13th Century and is the oldest part of Stockholm) to add some oils to my collection for my blendning.

I know that this sounds like I buy my oil from some sort of mysterious shadowy shop in some old back-alley, and it would be a nice touch if it were like this, but the truth is just that in the Old Town there happens to be a reseller for the oil-distributor Crearome that I use. The actually company Crearome is in the south of Sweden and if I buy online from them they have this minimum amount you must purchase and I didnt want to do that this time.

I also managed to visit the Science Fiction bookstore which is also located in the Old Town ( and took a double espresso at the Espresso House nearby.

 I mainly bought top and heartnote-oils this time, eg. Bergamott (free of Bergapten), Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Petitgrain, Geranium and Lavandin.

And so I began....

First I wanted a topnote which I called T1 :

10 drops Bergamott
10 drops Petitigrain
3 drops Ylang-Ylang
1 drop Jasmine

Then I did a heartnote, which I called H1, which IMHO was a failure...

4 drops Lavandin
4 drops Benzoine
4 drops Rosewood
4 drops Geranium

Frankly, I could have lived without that much  Geranium, since I think that it spoiled the heartnote.
So let the H1 above act as a warning to you... *LoL*

Now I took out the testtube with my old Basenote mix 2 a.k.a. B2 (which I mention below) which was:

6 drops Benzoine
4 drops Sandalwood
2 drops Olibanum
2 drops Cedar

and smelled it along-side T1 and H1 above.

With only T1 it smelled real good, adding  H1 and it was awful, so the H1 had to go....

Finally I made a test-mix with

10 drops of T1
5 drops of B2

which smelled really good, but then again I am biased.

The mix is as I write this resting for a couple of days and then I will try to blend it in 25-30% dillution in Jojoba carrier-oil to test it out.

Stay tuned...

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