One day after...

The new mix have now been mixing and maturing approx 18 hours and I just opened the testtube to smell it.

Actually it smells really good.
Yeah, I am as surprised as you are... *LoL*

But frankly, I will dillute it at 25 or 30% in Jojoba and test it on myself later this week.
I will let the mix mature one more day I think.

One thing that annoys me is that in Sweden it is right now snowy (started snowing in Stockholm last night) and cold outside, which makes the air inside the houses very dry due to heating.

This dryness wreak havoc on my nose, so right now my scent isnt top-performing, if it ever was...

I also need to name my scents I think.
It can be quite confusing with all this T1, H1, B2 acronyms, but maybe I should stick to this anyway so it is easier to write down the blends and also mix them all again?

Yeah, I think I stick with the T#, H# and B# for Top-, Heart- respective Basenote for now and let the # stand for the mixnumber.

This way it is easier for you to try the blends yourself as well.


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