At Sunnyvale Grand Hotel listening to 2Pac

So here I am sitting, in a rainy Sunnyvale (whoever moron came up with that name to begin with?) at my hotelroom at the Grand Hotel listening to Itunes and a "new" CD in with 2Pac (All Eyes on Me) I bought at the Virgin Store in SFO. The guy was shot some 10 years ago, but the record-companies still releases remixes and what-not with the guy. But he knew how to make songs 2Pac, he really did.

Soon I will join my friends going out to a Chinese restaurant, but for know I update my blog.

Ok, so I have tested my sampler I brought with me and sure enough the drydown is kinda cool, but for Gods sake Dennis! why did you add Cedar to it?? Why? Why? WHY??

As you can probably infer the Cedar did ruin the scent a little, at least until the Benzoine, Sandalwood and Patchouli take over. So Cedar gotta go in the next batch.

Otherwise Dennis? Everything ok?

Sure, I have been to SFO for a week, living at the Fairmont up at Nob Hill.

Man, what steep streets they are.
Going up to the hotel is like exercising and leaves you completely hot and uncomfortable.

But I dont complain, no way sir.
Well, I actually do right here, but pay no attention to it....

I went to the Apple Store since I found out that my Ipod nano 8 Gb that I bought in Sweden has a freaking volume cap on it, limiting the volume. And why is this, pray?

Well, some stupid French law stipulates this and so Apple send in these crippled Ipods into the whole EU.

Damn you French lawmakers!
I am Swedish and I wish to screw  up my hearing by playing 2Pac on my Ipod really, really loud, ok?

Of course there are utilities out there that can lift this volume cap, but they dont work on the newest Ipod I was basically screwed..

Enter the the Apple Store in SFO....

They helped me for free to re-flash my Ipod with a US firmware.
Good-bye Volume Capper!
Good-bye stupid French laws.
Thank you Apple Store in SFO and the great guys and girls working there.
You have a supporter in me now....this I wont forget.

Ah, and so it ends for this time...the time is soon 18.00 (or 6 PM for you Military Time challanged) and I will soon leave for dinner.

Until next time, Homies, words up!

(For the love of God Dennis!, cut the gangsta-rap bullshit right hear me??)

Postat av: LPF

Your blog is a really interesting read! Like your style of writing. Keep it up!

Best wishes with the perfumery!

2008-02-08 @ 16:37:58

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